In a passionate video uploaded to his Instagram, Billy Porter showed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement by speaking up for the Black LQBTQ+ community.

“My basic human rights have been up for legislation every single day that I have had breath in my body from all sides — and by that I mean that the black community’s relationship with the LGBTQ+ community is appalling at best,” he said in the 16-minute video. “Hear me, black people, and hear me well. I’m calling you out right here and right now. You cannot expect our demands of equality to be met with any real legislative policy and change when y’all turn around and inflict the same kind of hate and oppression on us.”

He went on to speak about the recent attack on Iyanna Dior — a Black trans woman who was attacked by “a gang of black men” during a George Floyd protest in Minneapolis, MN — and said, “The tragic reality here is that black trans, as well as gender non-conforming, women and men are being killed in the United States by cis black men to such a degree that it is nearly the worst emergency for trans women on the planet.”

“LGBTQ+ black folks are black people, too! Our lives matter, too! So this is my response to those of y’all who don’t understand that: F**k you! And, yes, I am cussing. It’s time for cussing,” Billy continued. “To all my homophobic and transphobic brothers and sisters, get your f**king houses in order.”

The Pose star also recounted his own experiences with racism.

Finally, Billy concluded his powerful speech with a message directed to fans, reminding and urging them to vote.

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