Whenever we watch Bizaardvark, we can’t get over how cool the “Perfect Perfection with Amelia” set is! So we asked DeVore Ledridge, who plays Amelia on the show, to tell us all about her awesome studio space.

“Amelia’s set is colorful and bright, but also comfy and fun,” she dishes. “It has everything a beauty and DIY guru would need!” The actress loves hanging in the crafty studio when she’s not filming — probably because there’s a little piece of her home on the set! “I have the exact same vanity table in my real-life room,” she shares. How cool!

On the other side of the decor spectrum, Madison Hu plays Frankie, a quirky, music-loving girl — and her set bedroom reflects that. “It’s very colorful and creative,” Madison tells us. There are so many awesome items in the room, she can’t pick a favorite! “The ‘tree’ made of gold records is so cool, and the Yeti head is funny!” she shares.

Read on to see what insider info the actresses revealed about their rooms below!

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Credit: Disney Channel

DeVore hardly ever wants to leave her character's space on set. "I love Amelia's studio!" DeVore tells J-14 Decorate. "I get to have another room that has a completely different vibe than my actual bedroom!"

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Credit: Disney Channel

If DeVore could add one thing to Amelia's set, she'd like a white wall. Why? "So all her show guests could dip their hands in paint and put their handprints on the wall!" she explains.

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Credit: Disney Channel

"I'm always sitting in the chair at the vanity," DeVore confesses. "If you walked by, you would catch me looking through all of Amelia's makeup!" Talk about makeup heaven!

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Credit: Disney Channel

"On this [Wall of Memories], I love where Paige writes that unicorns are real, and Frankie writes underneath it that they're not!" Madison laughs.

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Credit: Disney Channel

"Frankie's desk is so cool!" Madison shares. "I sat there to do my own schoolwork once."

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Credit: Disney Channel

Next time you tune in to the show, look closely at the picture frames around Frankie's room. "You can find so many real-life photos of me when I was younger," Madison reveals.

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Credit: Disney Channel

This silly Yeti bust hangs above Frankie's bed on set. "His name is Dennis, and he brings tons of personality to the room!" Madison spills.

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Credit: Disney Channel

"It's so fun to jam out on the different instruments in the room," Madison tells J-14 Decorate. "I like to play the accordion, guitar, and drum pads."

This feature originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of J-14 Decorate.

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