Thanks to Booboo StewartTwilight and Descendants fans just took a walk down memory lane! The 26-year-old actor teamed up with fellow, former Disney Channel star Christy Carlson Romano for an epic cooking video, which included some major scene reenactments from Booboo’s former films.

On the most recent episode of the YouTube series “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback,” the pair made their own version of the Blue Corn Muffins from the Twilight films and played a game of the Throwback Throwdown Challenge. The rules were simple, Booboo had to get all the trivia questions right about his career or eat corn fungus — ew — if he was wrong. Naturally, fans were shook, but couldn’t wait to see the X-Men alum take on this challenge.

First, Booboo reminded fans that his Twilight character Seth’s last name was Clearwater. After that, the reenactments began. Together, Booboo and Christy performed a stunning rendition of the Descendants song “Rotten To The Core.”

Finally, for the last challenge, Booboo had to remember a specific line from Breaking Dawn: Part 1, and only hardcore Twilight fans would have gotten this one right!

Thankfully, Booboo has an epic memory and once they did a dramatic recreation of the scene between Seth and Taylor Lautner‘s character, Jacob, the young star remembered the line.

“If Sam comes after Bella, are you really ready to fight your own brothers? Your sister?” Christy read as Jacob. Booboo replied, for the win, “If it’s the right thing to do.”

Since he got all three trivia questions right, Booboo and Christy didn’t have to eat corn fungus, but the Even Stevens star’s husband had to instead. Before they tried the muffins they baked, Brendan Rooney, scooped up a spoonful of corn fungus and told viewers that it tasted, “chalky.”

At the end of the video, Booboo and Christy toasted their blue muffins to a job well done and enjoyed the tasty treat.

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