Another boy band bites the dust and it's super upsetting. MKTO, which consists of Tony Oller and Malcom Kelley, has decided to call it quits. They are responsible for some pretty incredible jams including "Classic" and "Monaco".

However, the guys haven't released new music since 2016 so this isn't incredibly shocking.

Tony answered a few questions over the weekend on Twitter for his fans and he assured everyone that his relationship with Malcom isn't to blame for the split. A social media user asked if they were still friends and Tony said they were better friends than ever. This is great news. Of course, when any band splits up, speculation and rumors always run rampant about why the split occurred. Lots of times the members of the band didn't along but this is clearly not the case for MKTO.

Tony is also the one who broke the news first on his own personal Twitter. It was before he did this little question and answer session that he wrote, "Even though it sucks sometimes. It's still better when we're apart."

While that seemed super cryptic, Tony followed up by saying, "It's been swell La. Moving back home at end of this month. Thanks for all the memories. ??✌?."

It seems like there's all love here and what Tony and Malcom experienced together will be something they always cherish. The memories were pretty great but Tony is moving home and moving on. He hasn't given his fans any clues as to what he plans on doing in this next chapter of his life but if it's anything like the last then it's going to be totally epic.

Malcom answered a few questions on his personal Twitter account about what he plans on doing with the next stage of his life. And don't expect him to go anywhere because he's got big plans! Malcolm wrote, "2 films coming out in August and then working currently on one now and will hVe new tunes out soon."

Yasss! This is super exciting. One thing is for sure, MKTO and what they did in the music world will never die. Boy bands might come and go but their music will stay with the fans as long as they keep pushing play!


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