A 9-year-old Texas boy is going viral after he sung Whitney Houston's classic song, "I Have Nothing." Dane, who has Down syndrome, was recorded belting out the tune in the car while driving with his dad. And now, the whole internet can't get enough of his lovely voice.

The video, posted by a family member on Facebook just a few days ago, is now almost as popular as the original Whitney version. Take a look at the footage below and you'll instantly see why.

Dane's mom, Danna Miller said, "We did just watch a documentary on her about a month ago, and so he started downloading some of her songs and that was the one he just got stuck on."

But she never expected so many people to know just how stuck on "I Have Nothing" that he had become. She said she can't believe the massive response the video of her son has gotten on social media — which now clocks in at more than 127,000 reactions and more than 273,000 shares.

"Just reading the comments, they're so sweet. I get emotional," Danna said. "Even some other families that have Down syndrome children have posted pictures of their kids."

The family has even started a YouTube channel for their little singer, called "Amazing Dane." And we can see why — he's amazing indeed. Keep singing on, Dane!

This post originally appeared on our sister site, Woman's World.

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