Love Alert: Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith Are Finally Instagram Official

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13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn and "Too Good At Goodbyes" singer Sam Smith are in a hot and heavy romance. The two celebrities, who are both out in the LGBTQ community, were caught locking lips by TMZ in New York City several weeks ago. Based on the looks of their PDA, it is safe to say they are totally head over heels. And now, they're officially Instagram official!

Brandon took to his Instagram to share the couple's first public selfie, where they're showing off their unicorn next pillows. "Rare sighting in London 🦄🦄," Brandon wrote in the caption.

Aww, so that means Brandon is spending the holidays with Sam in London – how cute is that? Not to mention, the actor also shared a photo with Sam in his "favorite things from 2017" roundup on Instagram.

"A few of my favorite things from 2017, as sh-t as some of it was can't help but see all the good!" he wrote.

If you think that's adorable, you should see what Sam said when he opened up to NME about his current relationship and how happy he really is. He talked about his album and what state he was in while working on it. Sam said, "I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be as personal again in music, because I really had to go to a weird place to get the music out. I was in a bit of a dark place. I just didn’t really like myself that much when I was making this record. But I’m starting to be happier now." And there's little doubt that this newfound happiness has a direct connection with Brandon. Plus now, he's talking babies! Sam revealed to The Sun that having a family has always been in the back of his mind. Can you even imagine what kind of parents him and Brandon would be? THE COOLEST, obvi.

"I want kids so bad. I just feel it's nature's way of reminding you that it's not about you. It makes you not selfish," Sam said. On top of that Sam further explained that he's willing to explore surrogacy and adoption. He added, "I think I might do both. When I went to Iraq to the camps, it made me want to adopt." Of course, he didn't name any names when it comes to who, if anyone, would help raise these future children alongside him. But, we can only hope that Brandon and Sam's relationship is the real deal and these two make it that far.

Previously, the 23-year-old actor has been linked to his 13 Reasons Why co-star Miles Heizer. Despite the fact that some fans were totally convinced they were more than friends, Brandon shut down the rumors once and for all.

"You just let it be. People want to talk about what they want to talk about. I like to kind of remain a mystery. That way people can see me do more stuff and believe me doing more stuff because that's all I want to do – is tell stories for everyone," Brandon said in an interview.

Brandon has also been super vocal about standing up for LGBTQ rights, and the 25-year-old powerhouse singer commented on one of his powerful posts.

"Just saw the 'vote no' message in the sky, looming over Sydney. Thank you for raising money and hiring on a plane to write your lack of support amongst the clouds. I hope your hate and lack of understanding fades, just like those words will. Too many of my friends have been kicked out of their homes, kept in the closet, beat up, killed, ridiculed by church and state, institutionalized... and you are scared that if we vote YES, you won't be able to show your hate for Us. F*ck that. We've been scared shitless our whole lives thanks to all the stigmas that surround Us, stigmas that were set in place by the same kind of people who flew that plane over Sydney. We've fought, we've come out bravely even in our fear, and you wrote a message in the sky because you're scared. Equality takes courage, it worries me that too many people in this world lack the balls to stand up for what is right," Brandon wrote.

Sam commented an "x," which is the universal sign for a kiss. We're swooning.

That's not the only time they've been caught exchanging sweet messages on social media before we all found out they're an item. They actually comment on each other's posts quite often – one of our favorites being the whole slipper conversation they had on Instagram.

"You need slippers," Brandon said – to which Sam replied, "I'm open to slippers."

Are these two #CoupleGoals or what? Finally, weeks after the initial PDA photos surfaced, Sam revealed while paying a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show that he is currently off the market. Ellen asked, "You’re not single right now anymore, right?" Sam answered, "No, I’m not, which is crazy. It’s weird bringing out an album and not being single. Cause when I brought In the Lonely Hour I was so lonely. But now I’m singing songs about another guy, I’m quite happy, so it’s quite weird."

It took an interview with Dan Wooten on the Bizarre Life to get Sam to really open up about Brandon. He admits that he had no idea the pair were being photographed when the paparazzi caught them kissing and holding hands in New York City. But, for anyone who wasn't totally convinced these two were dating before, now it's officially official. Sam said, "I didn't know that we were being pictured and it's such a weird thing to get your head around. I can't explain it, you know and no one else can relate to you. You can't turn to your girlfriends and be like, 'What do you do in this situation?'"

He continued, "But I'm really happy for once. All I know is I'm happy and I'm trying to see how it goes. Right now what I'm experiencing is very early days. But it's nice to be with someone who kind of gets it. My job has got in the way of my relationships in the past because it's just hard to relate to. And people don't want to be apart of what I've got going on in my life." Clearly, Brandon wants to be a part of your narrative Sam. We're so happy for the couple!


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