Now that summer’s rapidly approaching, we can’t stop dreaming about spending long days on the beach with our friends. Luckily, there’s a new show coming to Netflix that will match this mood perfectly, and it’s called Malibu Rescue.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the show stars none other than Breanna Yde and Ricardo Hurtado, and they revealed some details to J-14 about what fans can expect before it premieres on the streaming platform on June 3.

Ok, so we know you’re absolutely dying to know more about the plot, and don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Breana briefly explained the premise of the show, and it sounds like just what we’ve been needing in our lives after a long, cold winter.

“It’s about a group of lovable kids who are lifeguards and face new challenges and adventures in each episode,” the School of Rock actress said. “I think viewers will really love getting to know them.”

But just because they play lifeguards on the show doesn’t mean they’re good swimmers in real life. In fact, Breanna thinks she’s probably get fired if she ever got a job as a lifeguard.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a great swimmer, but I can definitely stand my ground in a race,” Breanna said. “But if I were a lifeguard, I would probably get fired the first week.” Yikes!

Ricardo, on the other hand, thinks he’d crush it as lifeguard IRL.

“I think that if I were a lifeguard, I’d be so good at my job that danger itself would be scared to come to my beach!” Wow.

So who would he want to join him in his little lifeguard squad? Oh, just a few people! And of course, those people just so happen to be A-list stars.

“I’d want Gal Gadot, Jennifer Lawrence, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart on my lifeguard team,” The Thundermans actor said.

Um, what we have to do to make this happen?

Reporting credit: Morgan McMurrin

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