Ever since Pretty Little Liars came to its bittersweet end in 2017, there’s been one question on everyone’s minds — will the show ever make a comeback? Although he doesn’t know if anything is in the works, Brendan Robinson — who fans will remember as Lucas from the fan-favorite series — recently dished exclusively to J-14 about getting the cast back together. Yep, we recently chatted with the actor and not only did he share his possible reboot ideas, but also revealed which former costars he’s still close to and dished on what he thinks Lucas would be up to in 2020!

“Yeah, I would love that. I’m curious if it would be a reboot, like a series reboot or if it would be in the form of like a two hour movie,” the 30-year-old gushed when asked about the possibility of bringing PLL back to TV. “I would totally be down for that. Any opportunity to work with people that I like to work with, and kind of ‘go home’ if you will, I’m totally up for that.”

As for where Lucas would be in 2020, Brendan thinks that he might actually be working alongside Caleb.

“One of the things that I’m told that they cut from the series finale was that Lucas and Caleb were now in business together,” he revealed. “Whatever Caleb was doing at the time, like tech stuff, and Lucas was the money guy. So, possibly that. Then, maybe he’s in a relationship or married at this point and living his best life.”

Fans of the show know that after Lucas was, as Brendan told us, “totally taken advantage of for so many years,” it’s fitting that he deserves a happy ending.

Brendan Robinson Talks Possible 'PLL' Reboot

When it comes to keeping in touch with his PLL costars, Brendan is actually BFFs with Janel Parrish — who avid watches know, played Mona.

“I’m really close to Janel. She actually introduced me to my girlfriend, Haley. She sort of like changed my life in that way. She and I are still working on different ideas and ways that we can work together again. Hopefully, we’ll find something and be able to announce that at some point,” he shared. “I actually, I live down the street from Lucy [Hale], so I run into her occasionally at the grocery store and on a hiking trail that’s not very far away from our houses.”

Brendan Robinson Talks Possible 'PLL' Reboot

Brendan also recently reunited with former costars Holly Marie Combs, Lesley Fera and Nia Peeples — otherwise known as Ella Montgomery, Veronica Hastings and Pam Fields in PLL — for their “Pretty Little Wine Moms” podcast, and together they opened up about their experiences on set.

“I love those ladies. They’re all fantastic actors, but also really great women as well. They were all so sweet to me during the filming of the show and it was really nice to just catch up for a little while, and nice to kind of talk about the show and our experiences as friends,” he said. “It’s different when you’re talking to people who have that same shared experience as you, and getting their perspective on what their experience was. It was great.”

As for what he’s up to now (aside from being totally on board for a PLL reboot), Brendan not only has a new movie called DieRy coming out on August 25 — which he teased as “a bit darker than PLL” — but he’s looking to dip his toes into the producing aspect of Hollywood.

“I like that part of the business because I feel like it gives me a little bit more of a voice in the process of making a project,” he explained. “That was one of the great things about Pretty Little Liars, all of the people were so welcoming and treated it like we were all a family. So it gave a lot of people opportunities to learn different parts of how a TV show was made and that was something that I really enjoyed. That’s just something that I’ve wanted to do, and started getting into producing stuff as result of that interest.”

With a major role under his belt and some pretty epic stuff on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what Brendon does next!

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