When we first found out that Taylor Swift would be starring in The Giver with her rumored crush Brenton Thwaites, we were totally excited for her! Although he quickly squashed any gossip that they were dating, we still had to ask the star what he thought about the rumors.

While Brenton finds it funny that people thought he and Taylor were a couple, it sounds like they would never work out romantically because his sense of humor totally clashes with hers. In fact, it even got him into trouble a few times!

"She's pretty funny, but an Aussie's sense of humor is a whole new kettle of flies," he EXCLUSIVELY tells J-14. "A couple of jokes on my behalf went AWOL."

We also asked Brenton to reveal which one of his super famous co-stars he found the most intimidating: Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie (who he worked with on Maleficent), or Taylor.

"I was excited to work with all three of them," he reveals. "Of course it's a little bit intimidating before you meet, but each if those actors were incredibly warm and instantly made it comfortable."

Do you think Brenton and Taylor could ever make it work? Are you excited to see them on the big screen in The Giver? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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