Sorry guys, but you won’t be finding out the identity of Bretman Rock‘s significant other any time soon. That’s right, the beauty vlogger recently explained why he has no plans to release his boyfriend’s name to his 7.2 million YouTube subscribers. Although he did give viewers a glimpse of his lover — only his hands and arms were in frame — during his most recent upload, the 21-year-old will not put a face to the person he’s been dating for a year.

“Let me tell you, social media is not the motherf**king way because he really doesn’t have any social media… He doesn’t care for social media, which I f**king love,” Bretman explained. His BF, whose voice was also featured throughout the video, chimed in and said, “I just don’t believe that’s one of the things that makes a relationship. It never has been, in the first place.”

The internet sensation went on to explain that, when it comes to his relationship, his online presence and real life persona are totally separated.

“Something I always told him from the get go was, ‘You’re not dating Bretman Rock. You’re dating Bretman.’ Bretman Rock its not who I am, it’s a part of my job. It is an extension of me,” he explained. “Me being an Internet personality and him having no type of social media, it is weird, but at the same time it works for us. He just gets it. Like, this is my work, this is my job. This is not who I am. This is not who he’s dating.”

Bretman’s candid conversation about his relationship came just a few days after fellow YouTuber Jaclyn Hill introduced her man, Jordan Farnum, to her five million subscribers for the first time. For those who don’t know, Jaclyn was with Jordan for a little over a year an a half. She first posted on social media with the 26-year-old cook and recording artist just six months after she split with ex-husband Jon Hill back in May 2018, after nine years together. But her new man has been quite a mystery to her followers. Now, thanks to their new video, fans know everything they need to know about Jordan. From the sound of it, he’s exactly what she’s been looking for!

Unfortunately, it looks like fans won’t be getting a major introduction, like Jaclyn’s, from Bretman and his significant other any time soon.

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