Briana Jungwirth faced some hate over the weekend after posting a photo of herself smiling amid the recent news that her son's paternal grandmother Johanna Deakin had passed away. Just a few days ago, the young mom shared a sweet message for Louis' mom, but it seems like that was not enough for some fans and they commented their disapproval of her posting smiling pics during this tough time.

User saltiestrat wrote: "This isn't the time to be posting pics of yourself for god sakes."

Her initial message was heartfelt and full of emotion and fans commented and thanked her for her love and support for her son Freddie and his dad after their loss so other users like tanveewalia1991 came to her defense writing supportive messages saying, "@brianaashleyjungwirth THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST MOM EVER TO FREDDIE AND BEING SO SUPPORTIVE TOWARDS LOUIS IN THIS HARD [TIME]"

While everyone reacts differently to loss, Briana has every right to smile even if the family is going through a rough time. There are reports that she brought baby Freddie to London to see his grandma before she passed, so it is clear that she also was in mourning.

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