Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth are the proud parents of baby Freddie Tomlinson, but the story of how they met has been shrouded in mystery. Now, Briana's cousin, Ashley Jessica, is spilling all about how they met to Now magazine. Apparently, the cousins were first introduced to the pop star in January 2015, and actually had no clue that Tommo was a member of One Direction.

"A mutual friend told us he had a table at the club with a couple of guys that wanted some nice girls to join them. Honest to God, we had no idea who Louis Tomlinson was! The only person we knew in One Direction was Harry Styles – but the four of us really clicked and became really close for several months," she said.

Ashley revealed that she was dating the singer's bestie, Oli Wright, but they ultimately broke up.

"Oli and I were dating and Louis and Briana – I don’t know what it is they’d like me to say. They had their relationship and there was something special there."

Briana's cousin says that she just wants to set the record straight.

"We’ve been branded fame hungry and racist, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The rumors I’ve read are crazy. It’s been intense. We have paparazzi in our personal space trying to follow us to Briana. I’ve had groups of girls shout abuse at me in Barnes and Noble. People think we’re a horrible family because they believe the false information they read online and it’s just not true. We’re all fictional characters to these people," she revealed.

Yikes! That sounds horrible. Freddie's mom has been forced to defend rumors that their baby is fake, so it will be interesting to hear Ashley's side of the story. However, we hope that she got Briana and Louis' blessing first.

What do you think about this reveal? Are you surprised that Briana's cousin is revealing how they met? Click through the gallery to see more photos of Briana and Louis.

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