Unfortunately, ever since Briana Jungwirth stepped into the spotlight with Louis Tomlinson she hasn't had the warmest welcome. The One Direction fandom didn't take the news well that she was pregnant and some really do still believe that Freddie Tomlinson is fake.

Of course, that theory being completely absurd.

But last night she got a new kind of hate. Her Instagram was hacked and she was attacked by an anonymous person who actually believed he or she was helping her by locking her out of her own account and posting a series of cryptic messages. Any celebrity knows that when their private accounts are hacked, all hell can break loose.

There's really no telling what the hacker has access to and what they don't. Briana's Instagram has been a haven for Freddie fans, Briana fans as well as her friends and family. But, it was completely flipped on it's head. Briana had absolutely no control over the situation so she took to Twitter to get out her frustrations.

She tweeted, "you seriously have nothing better to do than hack an innocent mother's Instagram. You are sick."

This is awful. We really feel for her considering everything she has gone through. Looking on the bright side it could have been worse, the hacker could have gotten access to personal photos of her or Freddie or her family and posted those. But, we have a feeling this was enough to really upset Briana.

Since all of this happened she has made her Instagram account private and her bio says she's not taking an follow requests at the moment. Hopefully this all gets sorted out!

Click through the gallery and check out everything Briana's hacker put on her Instagram that has since been deleted and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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