If you’re not already totally obsessed with Brigetta, well prepare to have her music on repeat. You might know the “Tic Tac Toe” songstress from the sibling duo Truitt. But now, Brigetta is pursuing her solo career. With the release of her latest song, “Sick,” we caught up with the singer to chat all things music. Check it out!

J-14: Tell us about the inspiration behind your new song, “Sick.”

I think anyone who has ever been through an unwanted breakup can relate to being physically ill because of a person. I was talking to my friend and I told her anytime I hear his name or see his picture or even smell his cologne, I would feel sick. Unrequited love can irrational impact a person, so I channeled that feeling and wrote this song.

J-14: What inspired your new solo project?

I was leaving all my sessions with these really personal songs that felt weird with the thought of releasing them under this ambiguous name “truitt.” I wanted them to feel like they were coming straight from me, since they’re the stories I identify with.

J-14: Have you learned anything about yourself as a solo artist, after being in a duo for so long?

SO much. When you’re in a band, you rely a lot on the other person. Since on my own, I’ve been way more involved in the direction of my sound and the vision as a whole.

J-14: Has your songwriting process changed since going solo?

100 percent. Back when I was writing for the band, it was often more of an exaggeration of our story, or diluting mine and my bandmate/brother’s to make one relatable artwork. Whereas now, it’s completely my perspective on my life and the experiences I’ve been through. Since going solo, I’ve been able to experience more with writing different themes other than falling in love and the consequences post love.

J-14: Who’s an artist you grew up idolizing that maybe you even pull inspiration from now?

Jackson 5, “I’ll Be There” was the song that started the urge in me to always want to sing and dance around the kitchen all day. There’s a lot of craft in simplicity, and Jackson 5, in my opinion, has always displayed that. I definitely adore Ed Sheeran. His “Plus” album is one of my all time faves, and really made me dive deeper lyrically. I love Carole King, and her poetic facet of writing. Growing up my favorite thing was listening to and telling stories, so I naturally gravitate towards writers and songs that incorporate that.

J-14: What can we find on your playlists now? Is there a current artist you’re really into lately?

I’m all over the map genre wise, when it comes to listening to music. I love listening to throwback music, so on my “old man vibes” playlist I have a lot of songs from Chet Baker, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Hall n Oates, Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, and the king himself, Elvis. However some more current artists I’m obsessed with at the moment are; Troye Sivan, Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Sasha Sloan, Tom Misch, Barns Courtney, Dan + Shay, Mac Miller, and Jessie Reyez.

J-14: What’s your advice for young people who might want to break into music, but they don’t know where to start?

Just do it. If you want to learn piano, do it. If you want to sing, do it. If you want to write about how it painful it is for someone to fall out of love with you, write it. Where you end up in life is all determined by what you decide to spend your time on. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of people that are talented, but there are few that are willing to put in the work. So my advice is if you love music, don’t just diddle-daddle. Throw yourself in the culture, but don’t worry about following trends. Each person interrupts the chromatic scale differently. So trust your own intuition and write how you wish. There is no wrong way to make music, taste is all subjective.

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