BRO4 is giving J-14 readers an exclusive first listen of their brand-new single "Dreaming," and you are going to love it. The boy band consists of four brothers from New Jersey with dynamic vocals, real instrument skills, and amazing performances.

The guys are opening for Aaron Carter on his tour, and their latest single has a totally nostalgic, late '90s vibe to it. We talked to Skyler Alam, Levi Alam, Madison Alam, and CaseyJones Alam about the inspiration behind their new song, and they also revealed the celebrity crushes they're "dreaming" of.


"We were sitting in our dining room about a year ago and we were all just thinking about the beautiful ladies in the industry today. For example, I've always been crazy about Camila Cabello," Levi told us.

Madison said, "It was kind of funny actually. We all suddenly started talking about when we become famous and well-known, which girls we want to ask out. I ended up picking Chloe Grace Moretz as my favorite."

Skyler said, "As you can imagine, we are really close, so Casey and I had to go back and forth for a bit about who gets who. But when we narrowed it down, I ended up picking Ariana Grande.

"We decided to write 'Dreaming' and made it our ideal scenario. Like if we walked into some hot Los Angeles party, how we'd ask our crushes out. I know when I sing "Dreaming" I can't help but dream about Kendall Jenner," Casey added.

"Dreaming" will be officially released on Valentine's Day. What do you think of BRO4's new song? Listen to it below, and let us know in the comments section!

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