Brooke Schofield is not having it! The cohost of the “Cancelled” podcast responded to her ex-boyfriend’s subtle dig in a 14-part TikTok series she posted on Tuesday, June 25 — and, just … wow. Keep reading for a breakdown to the drama.

Explaining the Brooke Schofield and Clinton Kane Drama

It all began after singer-songwriter Clinton Kane posted a TikTok seemingly referencing Brooke — who has opened up about her former relationship with the singer on her podcast in the past.

“When you’ve been over the relationship for 2 years but she won’t stop yapping,” Clinton wrote in his video, alongside his caption that read: “anywaysss this song come out this friday.”

In response to the dig, Brooke did what she had to — yapped even more.

“He said, ‘She can’t stop yapping,’ I’m like, ‘I will show you yapping,” she quipped in one clip.

Brooke then went on to post 14 videos on TikTok delving into their former relationship in excruciating detail. In several of the videos, she alleges that the singer cheated on her and lied about significant aspects of himself — including his age, where he’s from and his family … being dead.


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In one of the clips, the podcast host alleges that on one of their first dates, Clinton, who also claimed to be from Australia, told Brooke that his parents and brother had all died in 2020.

“The overwhelming common theme of all of our arguments was I was worsening his trauma and he can’t believe that I’m so insensitive to everything that he has been through,” she says of their fighting. “I remind him so much of his mother who was so horrible to him and I should be way more sensitive to everything that he is going through. And of course I’m like, I get that, you know what I mean? The man lost three family members in one year.”

After she did some digging on the internet, Brooke claims that she discovered multiple people claiming that her then-boyfriend was lying about being Australian — and reason to believe he might have lied about his mother’s death, as well.

“He finally admitted that he did, in fact, fake the death of his mom and his brother,” she recalls later in the TikTok saga. “His dad is dead, not that that’s a good thing. But there’s one out of three that are dead and the rest are still kicking.”

She continued, “Anyway, it has now been two years since we have broken up and he had the nerve to post a TikTok today saying that I cannot let it go. And I just want to go on record and say: No f–king s–t.”

“Apparently his new song comes out on Friday and the man will do anything to get a stream,” she concluded in her last video. “So honestly, you guys, do him a service, he needs money for therapy. And if you take nothing else away from the story, than just know that treating underlying mental health conditions is very important, because had I known what was wrong with me — I would’ve never gone near that man to begin with.”

Clinton Kane’s Response to Brooke Schofield

After J-14 reached out for Clinton’s reps for comment, we were provided with the following statement:

“Clinton Kane and Brooke Schofield had a brief, three-month relationship over two years ago. Brooke’s recent comments regarding Clinton are untrue.

Clinton was born in the Philippines, and lived in Australia for a time as a child. Despite moving frequently, he considers Australia to be his home. He has never been disingenuous about this.

In regards to his mother — Clinton was lucky enough to have a very special mother-like figure in his teenage years, who sadly passed. Clinton regrets the way this devastating news was communicated at the time. Clinton genuinely felt that he had lost an irreplaceable mother-figure. Clinton was and largely is estranged from his immediate family.

The public rehashing of these details is only an attempt to bring attention and focus on Brooke’s podcast, at the expense of tearing down another former boyfriend — a tactic she’s become known for.

In the years since this relationship took place Clinton has moved forward, and remains focused and committed to putting out new music, with the next release, “I DONT WANNA LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT YOU” coming on Friday.”

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