OK, guys, by now it’s no secret that Josh Richards and Bryce Hall sent fans in to a frenzy on Sunday, September 6, when they released a video called “Sorry…We’re Quitting.” But are the TikTok stars actually saying goodbye to their social media careers? Well, according to the boys, that’s not what they’re quitting.

“You guys did read the title right, we’re quitting,” Bryce said. “We are quitting partying for a little bit.”

He continued, “This is fully serious, we are quitting partying for a little bit, which means our content is not going to consist of a lot of party montages.”

So, don’t worry, there’s still new TikTok and YouTube videos coming your way!

As fans know Bryce and Josh’s announcement that they’re “quitting” partying came days after LA City Attorney Mike Feuer charged Bryce and fellow Sway House member Blake Gray for violating the Safer L.A. Health Order and the City’s Party House Ordinance twice following “a couple” house parties held in their home in the Hollywood Hills amid the coronavirus pandemic. The influencers can face up to one year in jail and up to $2,000 in fines.

“With hundreds of people attending, loud music all night long and cars blocking access for emergency vehicles, party houses are really out of control nightclubs, and they’ve hijacked the quality of life of neighbors nearby. As if that weren’t enough, the hosts are incredibly irresponsible, with COVID-19 spreading and parties banned because of it. We’ve got to put a stop to it,” Mike said during a press conference held on Friday, August 28. “If you have a combined 19-million followers on TikTok during this health crisis, you should be modeling good behavior — not brazenly violating the law and posting videos about it, as we allege.”

After one of the parties, Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcett, announced via Twitter on August 19 that he had authorized the city to “disconnect utility service” at their Hollywood Hills home. Bryce has since talked with paparazzi and admitted that he “regretted” throwing the party.

“Was not expecting that many people to come, it happened, our power got shut off, I deserved it, and now I’m just facing the consequences,” the 21-year-old said at the time.

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