The drama between TikTok’s Sway House and Hype House has continued, thanks to Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou.

For those who missed it, according to an Instagram post on the account TikTok Room, Hype House founder, Thomas, recently compared his YouTube content to Bryce’s. The 21-year-old claimed his videos were “quality content” and Bryce’s were “creating drama where it’s unnecessary,” according to screenshots that have since gone viral.

Upon seeing this, Bryce hit back on social media. The 20-year-old commented on the TikTok Room Instagram post writing, “I mean, I guess copying David Dobrik is quality content nowadays. Gotta switch up my content.”

Bryce Hall Claps Back After Hype House's Thomas Petrou Slams His YouTube Channel

Then Bryce added, “He really compared YouTube views.”

Bryce Hall Claps Back After Hype House's Thomas Petrou Slams His YouTube Channel

But that’s not all! The Sway House member also took to Twitter and called Thomas out.

“Why is the [Hype] House founder talking s**t on me right now? Kid… Worry about your ‘business’ that’s falling apart and find a way to suck the clout out of the only relevant [people] left in the house before they leave too,” the internet star wrote

As fans know, this drama came just days after Bryce dropped a major hint that fellow TikTok star and ex, Addison Rae, had officially exited the Hype House. During a recent video, he was chatting about fellow internet stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio and their departure from the 19-member squad. Then, Bryce brought up his ex-girlfriend, saying that Addison “doesn’t really like to associate” with the Hype House any more.

Naturally, fans started to freak out, and screen recorded his comments. The video was quickly reposted on the Instagram account TikTok Room, where it went viral.

“The Hype House. Charli and Dixie left and Addison doesn’t really like to associate with Hype House, so they really just kind of… I don’t know what they’re doing exactly,” he said in the clip.

The influencer didn’t go into any further detail about the possible drama, nor did Addison respond to his comments.

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