Is the Sway House headed to television? Well, according to Bryce Hall, it’s a major possibility. Yep, during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the TikTok star spilled some major tea the possibility of the influencer squad getting their very own reality show.

“There is a potential Sway LA reality show in the works. I want to be the main focus of the reality show. I don’t wanna sell a show with a group,” the 20-year-old explained. “I want me to be the executive producer and also the main focus.”

What exactly would the show be about? Don’t worry, guys, Bryce explained, “I’ve been doing social media for seven years and I feel like now everyone starting to realize, I don’t care. I’m very sarcastic sometimes… And I want people to see what I go through when I get backlash or hate and how I deal with it because it would help a lot of social media influencers, I feel like.”

The internet sensation also talked about the current status of the Sway House and revealed that they’re in the process of moving into a new house.

“Our address is leaked, there’s people, like, looking through our windows, knocking on our doors. Love my fans, love all the support that everyone gives and I’d love to take pictures outside, at the mall, anywhere in public, but our house is kind of excessive,” Bryce explained. “We’re moving.”

The Sway House’s decision to move came just a few weeks after former member Anthony Reeves took to social media and asked fans to stop showing up at their home.

“Appreciate all of the love and support but standing outside our house and knocking on the door, or having your parents knocking on the door, it’s really invading,” the 18-year-old wrote on Twitter. “I don’t wanna be a d**k but basically the only privacy we get is it at the house and it’s being taken away.”

He continued the next day, “Also just walking up and trying to record the inside or record us in our house is also very weird. Please stop. Thank you.”

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