Get ready for some great news, BTS fans! The South Korean boy band recently sent shockwaves throughout their fan base when making the shocking announcement that they would be changing their English name from “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” to “Beyond the Scene.”

Now they’ve given their fans even more news to freak out about, as the guys have shared the official title and release date of their new album. Don’t worry, J-14ers. We’ve got your backs and will be laying out everything you need to know and expect from this new era of the group.

The main question on everyone’s mind aside from album title is the exact day it will be available for fans to have on repeat for months to come. Luckily, we have the answers to those burning questions and more.

What is the name of BTS' new album?

The guys have announced that their highly anticipated album will be titled Love Yourself ‘Her.’ One thing that's noticeable about the album's title is that it's called "Love Yourself" like one of Justin Bieber's biggest hits to date. Fans will remember that the guys recently beat out the Biebs for the biggest fan army award at the Billboard Music Awards. Maybe this is their way of paying some major props to the singer.

Jungkook just released a dreamy cover of Justin's song with David Guetta, "2U." (He's always been a big fan of JB and even recorded a cover of "Purpose" for his birthday last year.) SWOON.

When will BTS' 2017 album be released?

The record will be officially dropped on September 18, 2017, which is less than a month away! For those who can’t wait a few weeks until September, Love Yourself ‘Her’ is available for preorder on Amazon.

What does BTS' Love Yourself 'Her' album cover look like?

BTS' new album cover is very minimalist and classy, as you can see below. For a long time (or what felt like it), they were keeping their album cover a secret.

bts love yourself her album cover

Will there be any special features on Love Yourself 'Her'?

Tons! To start off there will be four, yes four different packaged versions of Love Yourself ‘Her,’ and that’s not all. There will also be a hidden track that has been written and produced by none other than Rap Monster.

Pretty exciting stuff! BTS has also been teasing fans relentlessly on social media, by dropping some pretty creative video teasers on their YouTube channel. They are all part of a project called the “Love Yourself” series that will include various highlight reels, that will have fans on the edge of their seats and bubbling with anticipation. We are officially counting down the days until September 18. It’s all so close, yet so far away!

This post was originally published on August 25, 2017 and has since been updated.

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