Exclusive: Here's Everything You Wanted to Know About BTS — With Special Messages From Each of the Guys

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The second we told you we were chatting with BTS, we got thousands of tweets with questions for the guys. So we wanted to make sure you had all their answers, only here! Oh, and if you haven't heard of BTS, you're about to. The South Korean group debuted in 2013, and have already performed sold-out shows all across the U.S.

Not only that, but they made history at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. The group snagged their first-ever Billboard Music Award in a category that Justin Bieber has won for the past several years. They may have blown Bieber out of the water, but this moment was also iconic because it was the first award ever won by a K-pop band. So basically, they are thriving.

What does BTS stand for?

BTS obviously is the name of the band however the acronym stands for much more than a few simple letters. It stands for the Korean term, "Bangtan Songyeondan" which translates to "bulletproof boy scouts" in English. The more you know!

When did BTS form?

The group formed back in 2013 from BigHit Entertainment. This is a Korean record label that is pretty small compared to others competing against it. The fact that the boys started there and have become so big is truly an incredible feat. The label actually was put on the map after BTS scored a Top 10 hit in 2015.

How many members does BTS have and what are their names?

The boy band has 7 members all doing vocals since the beginning in 2013. Their names are Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, J-Hope and Rap Monster.

Jin (Kim Seok-jin)

J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok)

Jimin (Park Jimin)

Jungkook (Jeon Jeong-guk)

Suga (Min Yoongi)

V (Kim Tae-hyung)

Rap Monster (Kim Nam-joon)

What does K-Pop stand for?

Lots of fans and media have been referring to BTS has the breakout K-Pop boy band. So, what does that really mean? It's super simple, actually. K-Pop stands for Korean pop – the genre of music that these boys sing.

Has BTS released albums or EPs yet?

Yes! These boys have been hard at work for the past four years. They have released several EP's along with 2 Japanese albums and 3 Korean albums. Unfortunately, they don't have any music in English yet however, we can't rule it out. If the boys gain enough interest with English speaking fans, they could probably see what it would take to release a song in this language.

Will BTS record music in English?

It's reportedly less of a priority on their list since the guys are super busy but they are trying to gain a fanbase with English speaking fans. They told Entertainment Tonight said, "We're releasing our new song, 'MIC Drop' remix with Steve Aoki and Desiigner next week. It's going to be like, an English version of something, so I think we will try some versions like that later." Not only that but BTS also hopes to bring their tour to the United States. They explained, "We just finished this tour named Wings, and I think it is going to be like, a new series for the tour, so of course including United States, it'll happen, I think. I hope it will happen everywhere, every continent. We want it too."

How many followers does BTS have on social media?

A LOT. On Instagram, the boys have 3.6 million followers and we think we know why. Their Instagram aesthetic is everything. From hot modeling shots to group photos, it's really a fangirl's dream. On Twitter, they have 5.91 million followers and this number will definitely continue to grow.

Has BTS performed in the U.S. before?

Yes! Even though BTS only has Japanese and Korean language music, they have actually performed in the United State is major cities including Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. They may just be starting to make a name for themselves here in the mainstream pop world, but the shows that they did be completely sold out. This is proof that they could be the next big thing if fans decided to gravitate towards them.

Interview by J-14 Editors and story by Toni Ferrigno. "K-Pop takeover! The inside scoop on BTS" originally appeared in the July 2017 issue of J-14.

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