When you watched J-14 video producer Liam McEwan’s 2017 American Music Awards interview with K-pop favorite BTS, you got to see the beautiful, edited final result. In BTS’ AMAs interview, the guys opened up about their “love yourself” message with the few minutes we had with them on the red carpet. Now, we’re showing you all the preparation and hard work that your normally don’t see on screen.

So, what does it take to interview stars on the red carpet? Liam takes you through the days before all the way up to the main event. Follow him through the research process and day-of prep — including the reason why he wore a pink bow tie to meet BTS for the first time — and dive into the world of celebrity reporting. If you loved our feature about what it’s like to interview BTS (the behind the scenes of BTS, so to speak), this one is for you.

Watch the mini-documentary below to see (in action) all the prep it takes to interview one of the biggest bands in the world.!

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