In case you guys missed it, there is major news in the emoji world. For years, poor redheads have been shunned in emoji form, with not one redheaded option. But, that could all be about to change. The Emoji Subcommittee (yes, that’s a thing), revealed that redheaded emojis could be on our screens by 2018. In fact, Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, revealed: “redheads have been a highly requested addition.” In fact, they are the most requested addition to the emoji world.

We all have that one redheaded friend who is going to be so pumped about this news (or maybe that friend is you,) but no one is more excited than Austin & Ally’s Calum Worthy. The redheaded actor took to Twitter to reveal his thoughts on the possible new update. Check it out in the video below.

In case you were wondering what Calum is up to these days, he’s going to be starring on a new Netflix show, American Vandal, which is premiering on September 15th! We can’t wait to see his ginger locks on our computer screens so so soon.

In addition to redheaded emojis, we are also expecting to see curly haired, white haired, and bald emojis in the next update. The updated looks will get their final approval early next year, but not to worry. Burge assured us that most updates get the go-ahead. He even hinted that in the future we might see more hair color options, like blue and green! Grinning emoji.

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