Ink Alert: Cameron Dallas and Aaron Carpenter Debut Tattoos on Vacation Together, Because Why Not?


Cameron Dallas and Aaron Carpenter are obviously besties until the end of time, but they just did something to prove their friendship together will last forever – er, sort of. The OG MagCon pals are on vacation in Hawaii together, and they went out on a limb and got tattoos together. Okay, okay – don't get too excited. It seems as though this is the temporary kind.

In a series of clips Cameron posted to his Instagram Stories, the cutie is rocking a little speck of ink underneath his eye. But that's not all. He also has a big, bold design across his entire left hand. As for Aaron, he was rocking an intricate flower design on his arm. Now if these two actually got inked for life, we are pretty positive footage would be posted all over their accounts – which leads us to believe this ink will be gone after a few showers.


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