Yikes: Cameron Dallas Is Suffering a Paintball Injury, And His Mom Is So Not About the Jokes Being Made About It


Yikes! Cameron Dallas is suffering a really painful looking injury, and he has paintball to thank for it. The social media influencer and model took to Instagram to show off his bright red bruises from the incident, and it is safe to say it is pretty ugly. Now even though there is photo proof that Cameron was just playing paintball, some fans are taking to the comments section of his pic to claim that there's another reason for his injury – an inappropriate one that Cameron's mom is not too thrilled about. Watch the video below to see the photos and get all the deets.

Poor Cameron! He did joke on his Instagram Story that the bruise on his neck was from his new girlfriend named PB — short for paintball — so at least he's able to joke about these not so fun injuries. We hope he's all healed up and feeling better very soon.


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