Cameron Dallas has made it known time and time again that his fans mean the world to him and he's always willing to do what he can to make them happy since they are a driving force behind his career. One of his young fans, unfortunately, passed away before she ever got a chance to meet him, but Cam made sure he let her know she will always be in his heart.

Tristen Danielle Robinson died as a result of a car accident at only 16 years old, according to a post her friends sent out on Twitter. Her besties knew how much she loved Cameron and got the power of Twitter involved to help their message reach Cameron, especially her friend Macy. Macy made sure the tweet was shared over and over in hopes Cam would see it before Tris was laid to rest.

"For most of her life, her one wish was to meet you, however she never got that chance. While she was putting smiles on the faces of those around her, you were always there to make her laugh when she needed it the most," the post read. "Whether this message gets to you in time or not, we all want to thank you for being there for her during her darkest hours, even if you didn't know how paramount your impact was on her life, everyone who knew her did."

And he did see it.

Not only did Cameron see what Macy wrote to him, but he ended up sending flowers that were on display at Tris' funeral. He sent a beautiful bouquet that featured a purple ribbon and a handwritten note that said, "Much love. Thank you for the support. Cameron Dallas," which Macy shared on Twitter.

Cameron subtly liked the tweet without calling too much attention to himself and this heartbreaking, yet at the same time, heartwarming situation. It's simply a tragedy that Tris is no longer with us, but it's amazing to know her friends worked so hard to make this happen for her. Shout-out to Cameron too for being so kind to take the time to read about Tris and send something that would mean so much to her, her family and friends.

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