Unless you've been busy living under a rock away from a smartphone or any Internet access, then you know Cameron Dallas is a web star who has truly transcended. He may have gotten his start by posting v cute modeling pics he took himself on Instagram, but he's gone on to model for prestigious brands Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana, star in movies and his own Netflix series and currently may or may not be dating Hailey Baldwin, one of the most stunning faces in the modeling industry at the moment. So yes, he's come a long way from just creating funny videos on Vine in the early MagCon days. (But that was a a truly cherished time that started it all so we're always fondly look back on it.)

Although nowadays Cam is super busy, traveling the world working, he still takes the time to connect with his million of fans on social media, especially on Twitter. He just decided to let everyone know that there is going to be a rather large chunk of time when he won't be online since he''ll be en route to his next destination.

OK, that's fine and dandy, thanks for the heads up Cam. But it's what came next that has everyone super confused. He then went on to say that something "crazy" could be released, or actually leaked, about him.

And he's rather unbothered by it.

Umm, okay Cameron what exactly does this all mean? What exactly has the chance to be leaked? Something super personal that shouldn't be out for the public? A video? Photos? Or is it a pleasant surprise like a song, since he has been working on music? WE HAVE MANY QUESTIONS.

good luck charlie confused

And they hit us up with the clarification tweet letting everyone know that no, nothing is actually coming out to his knowledge He just gets a bit worried every now and then and shared those fears on Twitter this time around.

Considering the fact that he has more than 11 million followers on Twitter, perhaps he shouldn't worry the fandom like that! But since this is something that is clearly weighing on his mind, so what exactly could be out there that he doesn't necessarily want to be leaked? Once again, too many questions we are left with. That Cameron Dallas knows how to keep his name on everyone's mind, that's for sure.

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