Cameron Dallas is ready to make a big career move. Or rather a career comeback, in a way. The social media star has really broken into mainstream media with his numerous big-time modeling gigs — Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few — and having his own reality show Chasing Cameron on Netflix. He dabbled a bit in acting too, landing a guest-starring role on the show, American Odyssey, lending his voice to the animated movie Frog Kingdom which co-starred Bella Thorne, and he's starred in the movies Expelled and The Outfield.

Something he hasn't quite conquered yet is music and that's what he's in the midst of creating. But he's now admitted that while making tunes is his current focus, he wants to get back in front of the camera again. And no, we don't mean filming a vlog for his YouTube channel, but as in full-on acting again in some v dramatic roles.

"I'm working on music. And then I’m going to be in London for Tommy Hilfiger, so that’ll be really cool. But I’ve just been focusing on music, and then I’m going to start going on auditions. I’m going to get back into the acting stuff," Cam said in a new interview with Women's Wear Daily.
"[I want to do] a serious role. I want to do something dramatic, like something where I have to cry on cue. Yeah [I can cry]. But I just don’t like the emotions it makes me feel."

HUH, okay let's break this down a bit. So Cameron has a skill for being able to cry on cue, something every actor needs to be able to do of course. And he has hopes and aspirations of taking on a much more intense role than the lighter ones he has in the past. That's all fine and dandy and tbh, will be interesting to see. Cam is known for well always being himself and he's a rather open book on social media with his fans, so for sure will be cool to see him be someone else. It is surprising he's decided to get into acting again since he once said he didn't think it was something he would ever feel a desire to conquer.

"I did two movies and, it just reminded me of homework where you have to go home and study. I didn’t do well with homework at all growing up," Cameron said in 2016 in an interview with Hero Magazine.

Everyone is allowed to change their mind and it seems like Cameron has been bit by the acting bug once again. It's nice to see he's willing to challenge himself and who doesn't want more Cameron Dallas in their lives up on a big screen? Wonder if he's aiming for television, movies or both. Have all the faith he's going to conquer it all.

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