It's safe to say Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are two of the most popular web stars who have come out of the early Vine/Instagram/YouTube days and broken into the mainstream when you think about it. They just so happened to be the best of friends once upon a time and part of the reason why these two, in particular, were so popular with their super loyal fan base was that they often made content together and there was no greater source of happiness for their millions of viewers.

So as you can imagine, fans naturally freaked out when Cash was back in action for the first time in a while, which Cameron posted on Twitter.

All. The Feels. Since each guy has broken away from the MagCon shadow so to speak and has moved on, these two really don't get a chance to spend much time together which leads everyone to wonder if they are even friends anymore. From spending hours hanging out filming Vine and YouTube videos, to heading out on tours, and even living together in an apartment back in 2014, it's easy to see how Cash became the BFF duo fans loved. And when Nash came out to support Cameron at the premiere of Cam's movie Expelled, it was a truly special moment.

The duo then sent fans into overdrive when they filmed a movie together in early 2015, The Outfield. The film was released in November of 2015, so more toward the end of that year, but before they went on the press promo trip together and attended the fancy premiere, there was a bit of tension that seemed to arise. Basically, in June of that year, Cam made it clear he was ready to get the OG MagCon crew back together for another tour. After their heyday in 2013 and 2014, the crew had pretty much split apart with stars like Jack and Jack and Shawn Mendes focusing solely on their music and other members like Taylor Caniff doing his own thing on his own tours. The social media empire as fans knew it was over. Cameron took to Twitter to let everyone know Nash was one of the main stars who didn't have any interest in coming back.

cameron dallas magcon tweet

In Cameron's eyes, perhaps he had the mindset that without MagCon, they wouldn't be where they all are today so that's why he wanted the squad together again.

As Matthew Espinosa pointed out though, Cameron had invested in MagCon and Matthew felt Cam only wanted this reunion to happen to benefit himself. Basically, DRAMA central.

And while Nash never directly said anything to Cameron publicly, he had tweeted out a vague message that confirmed he was fully ready to move on.

Cameron went on to continue the MagCon tours with new web stars he recruited, minus Nash. So what happened when it came time for the release of their movie? Well, all seemed okay by November and they were nothing but proud of the film they starred in together.

nash cameron the outfield premiere

The Outfield was the last time Cameron and Nash worked on a project together, but it seems they will always be supportive of each other, no matter where their careers take them. Even if the Chas bond gets strained every now and then and they aren't the best of buds exactly like how they used to be, there will always be the many memories they made together.

So Cameron and Nash? They'll always be cool with one another despite any ups and down they may have had in the past. And that's all that matters, right?

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