When it comes to tattoos, Cameron Dallas is no stranger to the edgy body art life. However, that doesn’t go to say he’s into the permanent kind. The web-star-turned-singer just shocked the world by posting photos of his bod covered in ink, sending his Instagram followers into a frenzy in the comments sections of his posts. But don’t get ahead of yourselves, you guys. They’re totally fake!

“Sorry mom ?,” he captioned the first photo, before posting another close-up shot.

Between the chest tattoos and the blonde hair, we’re all like, “Justin Bieber, is that you?!” Just look at the comparison and tell us they’re not twins.

justin bieber lion tattoo

(Photo credit: Instagram, @justinbieber)

Even though Cam’s tattoos aren’t tatted on him for life, that doesn’t mean the temporary ink didn’t take A LOT of work. He shared a little sneak peek at the process on social media – and we’re convinced this whole thing must’ve taken hours.

cameron dallas tattoos

(Photo credit: Instagram, @camerondallas)

This isn’t the only time Cameron has tricked fans into thinking he got a tattoo. Never forget the first time he got a fake face tattoo. You won’t fool us this time, Cam.

cameron dallas face tattoo

(Photo credit: Instagram, @camerondallas)

Oh, and let us all remember the time Cam and his bestie for life Aaron Carpenter got fake tattoos while on vacation. Watch the video below for a little walk down memory lane.

Fans on social media have a lot to say about Cameron’s tattoos – especially the ones who think it’s real. Someone even dragged his MagCon buddy Shawn Mendes into the conversation, and Cameron low-key threw some shade by liking this particular tweet. But what they probably don’t realize is that Shawn has a whole bunch of real tattoos, so like – let’s not start comparing.

What Cameron is doing this all for, we’re not quite sure. All we know is he is always keeping us on our toes – whether it’s a fake tattoo, a new hairstyle or a crazy photo shoot.

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