Camila Cabello is a true romantic, and anyone who is a fan of hers knows this. It turns out that behind all that romanticism there is just a rather vivid imagination since the singer is now revealing in a new interview that she has never had a long-term boyfriend before! She has been linked to various guys in the entertainment industry, but it looks like it was nothing serious or it just never went anywhere.

“Even though I’m 19, I’ve literally never had a long-term relationship,” she told Seventeen. So what is the inspiration behind the music she writes that focuses so much on love?

“So when I show people my songs, they’re like, ‘Who’s this about? I’ve never seen you with a boy ever.’ I make all of these fantasies in my head," she said.

"There’s this constant theme of unrequited love and me loving people from afar.”

Aww. This comes as a surprise since a couple of years ago some major drama broke out when
Austin Mahone said Becky G was his first "real girlfriend" when it was a known thing that he had dated the ex-Fifth Harmony star before that relationship.

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During the controversy, the "Dirty Work" singer clarified his initial statement on the radio show Zach Sang and the Gang saying: "I definitely did date her. I called her my girlfriend, so I guess she was my girlfriend."

Camila has been linked to several famous guys in the past like Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan, but they all turned out to be "just friends." There is one guy though that has stolen her heart and that is Ed Sheeran, claiming that he is her musical crush.

“He’s incredible at putting love, emotion, and feeling into words. I would love to see him go into a room and watch how he makes his magic. He always talks about how he loves making songs from the heart, and that’s something that I’ve pushed myself to do in my songwriting process, too,” she said of the singer.

Hmm, so perhaps if Ed is single they can give this a shot? If not, at least work together in the studio? We'd be happy with that and Camila would be completely over the moon.

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