If you already didn’t know or couldn’t believe that John Mayer was a Fifth Harmony fan, his latest posts on social media will have you thinking otherwise. The “Gravity” singer has made it known on several occasions, like many fans out there, that he’s not okay with Camila Cabello parting ways with the girls.

Clearly still not over the split even though it happened months ago, John took to his Instagram Story to tell his fans, and the 5H girls – through the art of music – that the group is not the same without its fifth member.

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Starting off with playing four harmonies on the piano, he said it “doesn’t sound bad.” He then played five harmonies and said, “Then Camila left the band and now it’s just this,” before playing four harmonies again.

Playing the five harmonies once again, John said the girls “need this.” He even added a scenario showing what the girls' harmonies would sound like with him in the group and said it was “one too many notes.”

John finished off the very short video by giving the “Hey Ma” songstress a little shout out at the end by simply saying, “hi.”

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Like many 5H fans, the “Daughter” singer is still heartbroken over this little shakeup, but does this mean he wants to work with Camila? Take over her spot to make the group a quintet again?

Okay, so John becoming the next official member of Fifth Harmony won’t happen, but it’s been an idea that’s been toyed with in the past.

Earlier this year, the group tweeted out at John to become an official member of the girl group, and they even photoshopped him into their official portrait as a quartet.

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This is all pretty hilarious if you ask us. Who even knew John Mayer was a not-so-secret Fifth Harmony fan?

Although we doubt his plea is going to get Camila back in the band, it could be the start of a wonderful collaboration between all current and past 5H members.

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