Camila Cabello had quite the year in 2016, from releasing another hit collaboration with "Bad Things" alongside Machine Gun Kelly, to a world tour, to the incredibly shocking announcement that she was leaving Fifth Harmony to pursue a solo career.

But the singer is keeping a positive mind at the start of 2017 and is thanking the past year for everything it taught her and for all the growth it brought into her life. The singer took to Twitter to write a message to her fans about her past year and she seems not the least bit bitter about where and how it ended.

"2016, thank you for the moments, the lessons, the hurt, the healing, the growth, the combined magic of all of you," she wrote.

Even though she did not clarify what exactly caused the hurt or what she healed from, it is safe to say she is not taking any of that into the new year. The Cuban singer said she is ready to paint the brightest future for herself with the clean slate that 2017 brings.

"2017, you are a blank canvas and i wanna paint on u with my brightest, favorite colors…. lets go ✨✨✨"

Soon after midnight the singer tweeted out a cryptic message that left fans everyone on the edge of their seats.

"Guys I have a confession …. ?," she wrote leaving fans in suspense. Minds everywhere were raising thinking she was about to drop new music, or perhaps something even bigger than that.

She followed up saying: "…….Can you guys guess. I mean I don't know how to say it but. here I go…."

Camila is known for making this joke every single year but it turns out that this time fans were totally onto her joke and sent her screenshots of tweets from past years.

LOL. We are glad that she is remaining optimistic even through such crazy times. We are glad that even through her separation from the group the singer can have a positive outlook about her future and everything she will create for herself in the future.

Did you fall for the New Year's Eve joke again? Tell us in the comments!

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