Growing her tattoo collection! Camila Cabello may not have a ton of ink designs, but the ones she has gotten are super meaningful.

In November 2019, the songstress debuted her first tattoo via Instagram. Located on her pinky finger, the cursive tat reading, “It’s a mystery,” was inspired by the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love. When showing off a photo of the body art, Camila shared lines of dialogue from the movie.

“‘The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.’ ‘So what do we do?’ ‘Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well,'” Camila captioned her post. “’How?’ ‘I don’t know. It’s a mystery.’ From one of my favorite movies of all time, Shakespeare in Love.

Continuing her caption, the “Havana” singer revealed that she didn’t think she’d ever get a tattoo.

“Never thought I’d get a tattoo before, but I asked my mom to write to me a promise she’d want me to make to her that she thought I would need for the rest of my life, long story short, it’s a pinky swear to her to remember, no matter what happens, everything is gonna turn out well,” Camila explained. “There’s no telling how, but it always does.”

Once you get one, you can never stop! Camila proved this to be true when she showed off her second tattoo in November 2021. Similar to the first, this design is inspired by the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, and is dedicated to Mother Nature.

“This book on Indigenous wisdom and plants changed my life,” she shared in an Instagram caption. “After I read it, I knew I’d never look at the earth and all of its inhabitants the same. It taught me about reciprocity, about the gift and wisdom in Mother Nature, and that when we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves. ‘All flourishing is mutual.'”

Both of her tattoos were done by celebrity artist Kane Navasard, who has also done some of Shawn Mendes‘ ink designs in the past. Upon getting the braided circle on the back of her neck, Camila thanked Kane, writing, “So glad @kanenavasard and his talent helped me honor this special book today.”

The artist, for his part, shared the same photo to his Instagram account alongside a caption that read, “A tiny sweetgrass braid for a sweetheart.”

Scroll through our gallery to see all of Camila’s tattoos so far. 

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