Till the End: Turns Out the 'Riverdale' Cast Are Actually Besties, According to Camila Mendes

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There’s always some kind of trouble brewing between certain characters on just about every episode of Riverdale, but none of that drama makes its way off-screen, according to Veronica Lodge herself, Camila Mendes. Fans know the cast has gotten super close since the show became an overnight success, thanks to all their Snapchat and Instagram story posts. Of course all the awesomely hilarious interviews they’ve given together also deserves an honorable mention. With the cast, things really are what they seem and Camila opened up about her relationship with everyone on the show in a new interview with The Daily Telegraph.

When talking about their insanely close bond, the actress said, “I gained a whole new family when I joined this show. I knew that I was going to get along with these people and they were going to be my co-stars, but I didn’t know they were going to be my best friends.” They’re not just close, turns out everyone is each other’s BFF and that’s so heartwarming to hear. It’s also pretty obvious to anyone who follows the cast on social media. Even though they are close, they’re not above roasting one another or sharing adorable pictures of each other while on the set.

Aside from loving how great everyone clicks together, one other thing the actress continued to discuss was getting to be part of the series. She continued to say, “I came out of college and kind of stepped right into this, and sometimes I’m like, how did that even happen? How did I get so lucky? How was it so easy?” We’re thinking talent had a lot to do with Camila landing the role of Veronica. She definitely nails the sass and sarcasm like no one else. Besides, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the part now.


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