For those who don’t know, Thursday April 30, was a pretty important day for Camila Mendes. Why? Well, her new movie Dangerous Lies finally hit Netflix. To celebrate its release, the 25-year-old shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes memories on set of the film, and she seemingly shaded her show Riverdale along the way.

Yep, in one Instagram Stories post, the actress shared a selfie holding a thumbs up pose alongside the caption, “How I felt about portraying a character that has already graduated high school.” From the looks of it, her character in the sure-to-be action packed flick seems to be married, too.

Camila Mendes Seemingly Throws Major Shade At Her ‘Riverdale’ Character For Still Being In High Sch
Instagram Stories

By the look on her face, it’s pretty safe to say that Camila was totally making a joke about playing Veronica Lodge, but it’s still pretty awkward if you ask us. Although, she might not have to wait too long until her character leaves Riverdale High School because the teens are already seniors. Not to mention some fans are convinced that Season 5 will start with a time jump.

A theory released in February 2020, suggested that viewers won’t see the Riverdale kids heading off to college in the upcoming fifth season, but instead start with the characters five years in the future. This entire idea started on February 25, after TVLine reported that “the producers of an established series are toying with the idea of ending the current season with a massive timeline shift.” A source told the publication that the time jump being considered was a five year difference.

Naturally, Riverdale fans were shook by this news and took to social media explaining how a time jump would ultimately fit perfectly into the series’ plot line.

“A time jump is the best way to do it. They can’t follow them to a bunch of different schools. There will be a mystery/problem that brings them all back to Riverdale after college and the show will continue from there,” one fan posted on Twitter. Another person said, “If Season 5 has a five year time jump, that will be the best thing Riverdale’s done since making Cheryl and Toni a couple.”

Some social media users said that the possible new timeline would make perfect sense now that that Skeet Ulrich, who played Jughead’s dad, FP Jones, and Marisol Nichols, who starred as Veronica’s mom, Hermione Lodge, officially left the show.

“The parents are leaving because of the time jump, the kids are gonna be adults now so there’s no need to focus on the parents anymore. Toni, on the other hand, is probably gonna have more focus next season,” a fan speculated on Twitter.

From the sound of it, Camila might not be playing a high schooler for too much longer!

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