Listen Up: Why Yes, Cameron Dallas Actually Sings Now


It looks like Cameron Dallas the singer is actually happening. The web star has taken his reign as the king of MagCon into the modeling, movie and television world and now he's ready to conquer music. Cam spoke to #legend about his budding music career and how it's something he's taking very seriously.

"I’m working on my music. I’ve spent the last three years learning about music and backing away from social media. I’m putting the time in, learning about myself, how to write songs, how to produce, how to play the guitar, how to be comfortable in a studio, getting vocal lessons. Really spending time meditating, understanding myself and learning how to communicate with myself, emotionally and spiritually. I’m learning how to not just internalize that, but externalize it and put it into a song," Cameron said.

So yeah, he's really out here trying to create some legit music and that's nothing but commendable. He has been letting fans in little by little into his musical journey, even taking to his Snapchat back in October of 2017 to share a snippet of a song he was working on in the recording studio. Although it's only a few seconds, you can hear his actual singing voice.

"And I tell her every time, she's not one of a kind," Cameron sings over a sweet, acoustic guitar-heavy beat.

Umm okay Cam, you better sing. He has been documenting his trips to the recording studio on social media and although we hadn't heard any of his hard work before this, it seems like his songs are really coming together. He even tweeted what many are assuming to be lyrics since the tweet says "you're my one of a kind" and that seems like it could easily be the next line in the song based on what we all heard.

And suddenly this tweet all makes sense. He was sneakily letting us all in on the song.

While Cameron hasn't said when exactly these songs he's been working on will be released, he has recorded other tunes before. Back in 2015, he dropped "She Bad", which showed off more of his rapping skills. But now he's really focused on flaunting his vocals and it's something fans are for sure nothing about excited about. Cameron didn't really ever sing during those early days touring with MagCon, with Shawn Mendes, Jack and Jack and Aaron Carpenter being some of the more prominent musical acts who were on the tour but it looks like Cam is ready to shine up on stage. We have a feeling there's plenty of people who will be supporting this next phase of his career, ready to sing along to everything he's about to drop on us all.

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This post was originally published on Oct. 13, 2017, and has since been updated.