She’s come a long way since her “Call Me Maybe” days! September 2021 marked the 10-year anniversary of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s iconic single, but what has she been up to since its release? Over the years, the songstress has released multiple albums, hit the road on a few tours and even took over the Broadway stage.

“‘Call Me Maybe’ was like a lightning bolt to my little life,” Carly wrote in a heartfelt letter on Instagram to celebrate the song’s epic milestone. “I can remember waitressing one day not too long before things picked up and hearing one of the tables outside talk about my music. The table was seated with about 12 people who had all returned from a camping trip in Canada and had sung along to the radio the whole time. I think it was an earlier song that only played in Canada) called ‘Tug of War’ that was on repeat a lot back then, and they were not exactly fans. A direct quote I overheard was something like, ‘This girl Carly Rae Jepsen was on repeat over and over our whole trip and we are so sick of it.’ Some of them sang the song in a mocking voice, oblivious to the fact that I was serving them food.”

Despite the negativity from the customers, Carly noted that she started to “feel giddy” because it was the “first time” people had known her name.

“That night before they left, I printed off their bill and signed my name confidently in bold letters on the back of the receipt,” she wrote. “I said, ‘Thanks for letting me take care of you tonight! Also, I signed the back of your receipt since I hear you are all such big fans!’ Their jaws dropped, we had a laugh and I may have received a slightly bigger tip than usual.”

Carly continued, “The point is, don’t give up on your dreams, kids. Not three months later ‘Call Me Maybe’ was released and, let’s just say, I hope that song really annoyed them. Mostly, I want to say thank you all for the joyous videos, silly dances and wild nights together in different countries! You have opened my world and my heart with this adventure of a song and I could not be more grateful to you all.”

Of course, fans will never forget the iconic “Call Me Maybe” music video created by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and the Big Time Rush boys with their famous friends. The video, which was released in February 2012, totally put the song on the map, and it’s been stuck in our heads ever since!

Scroll through our gallery to see what Carly has been up to since the release of “Call Me Maybe.” 

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