Another day, another drama in the MAGCON world. Fans have been talking about a leaked phone call between Carter Reynolds, Cameron Dallas, and Maggie Lindemann, in which Cameron and Maggie confess their love for each other! Wait, what? If you recall, Carter and Maggie dated, and had a rather tumultuous relationship involving major issues of consent, so this is kind of a big deal.

In the call, Carter calls up Cameron and Maggie, trying to talk to his ex-girlfriend.

"Why are you mad?" Cameron says, "We like each other. We're in love."

Carter is furious, even though they aren't together anymore, and keeps trying to get in touch with his ex.

"You had your chance, Carter…I told you I thought she was cute, and I told you not to break up with her or else I'm going to take her," Cameron continued, in response to Carter's yells to put Maggie on the phone.

Yikes! This all sounds extremely dicey, especially in the midst of Carter quitting MAGCON. However, the web star insists that it was a prank call from years ago.

When a fan asked why this was only being brought up now, Carter responded because the video only got leaked recently.

Although The Outfield actor did nothing to address the rumors, he did fave his cohort's tweet about the phone call being years old. So…everything is all good between them?

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