If there’s one thing fans talk about more than celebrity relationships, it is celebrity hairstyles. Whether our idols go long or short, it’s always something to keep up with. But, when they completely buzz off their hair entirely, jaws are dropping. Oh yeah, and we’re talking about girls and guys. Of course, it’s super dramatic when a female celeb goes from long locks to chicly shaven, but guys can have that effect too. I mean, remember when Justin Bieber went from a literal swoopy side bang to absolutely nothing? That’s what we’re talking about! The buzz cut gives celebs a total transformation and usually they all rock it – which I’m still trying to understand how considering there’s no way I’d be able to pull it off.

Check out the video below and watch the insane celebrity transformations as they completely get rid of the long hair everyone was used to!

Dangggggg. The newest celebrity to don the buzzed look is Brooklyn Beckham. He has always had the long flow and girls definitely swooned over it. Ahem, Madison Beer. But, since moving to New York City to start school, things have changed. Maybe he thinks changing up his ‘do will make him less recognizable. If that’s the case, sorry, Brooklyn but you’re mistaken. Even a buzz cut can’t mask that cute AF face.

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