Have you ever had a fangirl attack when you realize that two of your favorite actors are dating in real life? In happens to us on the regular, especially when they're the stars of our favorite TV shows and movies. Talk about the ultimate crossover!

Who would have imagined that Miley Stewart from Hannah Montana and Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games would end up together? Like, sorry Katniss — that's what happens when you choose Peeta over Liam Hemsworth.

Just for fun, and because we love making fangirl fantasies come true, we Photoshopped pics of real-life celebrity couples as their famous TV or movie characters. Prepare to have your minds' blown — and, psst, we totally don't blame you if you want to change them to be your phone background (we may or may not have already done that).

Click through the gallery to see pics of TV and movie characters you never thought would end up together in real life.


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