These stars need to “work it out on the remix.” From Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo — to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato — there are so many longtime celebrity feuds we need to see put to rest. And if Charli XCX and Lorde can do it, so can anyone. Keep reading for a list of celebs we need to see put their beef to bed.

Let us explain — following the release of Charli XCX’s album Brat in early June 2024, rumors that her song “Girl, So Confusing” was about Lorde took over the internet.

Charli sings about another artist’s desire to see her “falling over” and “failing,” as well as awkward meetings where they made halfhearted plans to collaborate. Internet rumors speculated the song was about Lorde, especially given the lyrical parallels to Lorde’s “Team,” and Charli’s references to a singer who acts and looks similarly to her as they “got the same hair.”

At one point Charli says that this person and her should “make some music” and the “internet would go crazy.”

Fast forward to June 21, Lorde surprised fans by appearing on the remix of “Girl, So Confusing — and the internet went crazy.

Where Charli sang on the original, “People say we’re alike/They say we’ve got the same hair/We talk about making music/But I don’t know if it’s honest/Can’t tell if you wanna see me/Falling over and failing,” Lorde responds, in part: “Well, honestly, I was speechless when I woke up to your voice note / You told me how you’d been feeling,” she sings. “Let’s work it out on the remix.”

The songstress gets deeper into her feelings revolving around the “Vroom Vroom” singer, revealing that her cancelling plans or being dishonest with her wasn’t due to any hard feelings towards Charli.

The best part? When the two completely squash their beef with one lyric from Lorde:

“I’m glad I know how you feel /’Cause I ride for you, Charli.”

The track immediately gained traction on TikTok, with fans making edits of other celebrities who seemingly have beef with one another — and who they think need to “work it on the remix.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover which celebs we think should put their feuds aside so the world can finally heal.

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