We all know that Disney has the magical powers to make animals sing, candlesticks dance, and turn friends into lifelong besties. Okay, the first two aren’t things we normally catch on our Disney Channel favorite shows, but we’ve definitely seen serious stars shine off the network, and, better yet, join forces with other stars in the Disney family. It’s not hard to believe that working on the set of a massive phenomenon like High School Musical, Camp Rock, and Shake It Off helped foster some unforgettable (and heavily Instagrammable) friendships!

Check out the video below to see some of the strongest friendships the Disney Channel helped create!

Not that we want to pick favorites, but we especially can’t get over the cuteness of Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard. Even though Girl Meets World left us too unceremoniously soon (still not over it) we can always be grateful that it forged the friendship of Rowbrina. From the first day (Jan. 25th 2013, not that we have it marked on our calendars or anything…) Sabrina and Rowan met and became Riley and Maya (respectively) they formed an unbreakable bond. Ever since then they’ve been celebrating being Rowbrina both on a day-to-day basis and on their designated Rowbrina Day.

So like, basically from now until infinity, they are #friendshipgoals personified.

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Want to celebrate some of the other epic friendships brought along by some of the greatest Disney Channel Original Movies and series? Watch the video and feel free to squeal at quotes from some of the most iconic BFFs!

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