With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is wondering what their favorite celebrities have in store for the big day. Will they spend it with their families or their significant others? Will they stuff their faces with Christmas cookies or dig into the eggnog instead? While the minor details have yet to be discussed, almost everyone between Niall Horan to Selena Gomez to Sam Smith will be with their families. And you can bet on Santa's naughty or nice list that their holiday will be LIT AF.

We decided to compile a list of celebrities who have talked about their plans for the end of 2017. It makes us realize that at the end of the day, these stars really are just like us. All they want is some time off, a relaxing day on the couch and a big Christmas dinner to top it all off. Sounds like a freaking fantastic plan!

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Liam Payne

The new dad to baby Bear explained, "It's going to be amazing. We've been arranging getting the stockings and the names on them and all that cute stuff. All my family are coming over. We'll have a big Christmas dinner."

He also said, "It's his first Christmas. He's only going to be interested in the wrapping paper, so buy the shiniest one! My holiday plans are to spend some beautiful time with my son and to eat my own weight in lovely Christmas food. You might see a different Liam after Christmas, and then you'll see post-Christmas Liam with a new years resolution, hopefully."

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Taylor Swift

While Taylor has yet to confirm her official holiday plans, a source told People magazine that she and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, will spend Christmas together! They have been a super private couple, so it makes sense that the full disclosure is kept under wraps. "She has been more busy with work and traveling, but Joe continues to be supportive and great. Joe will travel with her as much as possible. Taylor is still very happy with him."

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Selena Gomez

There are lots of rumors going around about what Selena plans on doing for Christmas. Apparently, Justin Bieber will not be in attendance. A source told People magazine, "Selena doesn’t bring Justin to any family events. Selena is spending Christmas with her family. As of now, Justin is not invited."

There have been conflicting reports. Some are going against this and saying that Selena's family would never make her choose between them and Justin. However, one thing is for sure – the "Bad Liar" singer is probably heading back down to Texas. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, her aunt posted a photo on Instagram and was already excited in the caption about seeing Sel again in a few weeks. it's no doubt that this is going to be a big time for family.

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Niall Horan

The Irish heartthrob said, "I’ll probably sleep for a few weeks. I’m a little bit jet-lagged. It’s kind of a sin not to go home for Christmas. I tried to get the parents to come to London for Christmas this year. They were like, ‘No, you can’t’." So, yes, Niall still has to listen to his parents in case you were wondering.

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Sam Smith

He will be with his mom and staying out of the spotlight! Sam said, "I need a glass of wine and a hug from my mom." So freaking cute.

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Justin Bieber

Justin has been teasing fans lately about his holiday plans. He just decorated his Christmas tree completely shirtless and jammed out to "Jingle Bell Rock." Since Justin went to Canada for Thanksgiving, it's possible he'll stay in Los Angeles for Christmas. Maybe his family will make the trip? Regardless, we have a feeling he's going to be doing it big this year. However, a Selena Gomez filled Christmas looks like it's off the table, unfortunately.

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Lauren Jauregui

She said, "I’m going to Miami to be with my family and just chill. I’m Cuban so we have Nochebuena, which is Christmas Eve, essentially. Every year they do a … roasted pig, but I’m not eating pig anymore so I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Plantains, some platanitos! It’s gonna be great. I’m gonna get really fat but it’s okay."

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He said, "I'm releasing an album. In seven days. On the 15th. So, a whole lot of work. Maybe I'll get Christmas off." He recently dished about how amazing his girlfriend Halsey is, as if we didn't already know, so it's possible that if he gets some vacation time around the holidays the "Closer" singer will be right by his side.

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