Have you ever wondered what your favorite stars were like before they were famous? We know it’s hard to picture the hottest stars in Hollywood sitting in class, but get this, you guys — most of them were actually students just like the rest of us at one point!

That’s right, and J-14 did a major investigation into what these famous faces were actually like when walking down the halls in school. Did their classmates know they would be famous? Were they just as talented back in the day? Well, we went into the depths of a few pretty popular Reddit threads and got all the answers. These internet users opened up about what it was like attending class with stars like Shawn Mendes, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, Blake Lively, Nick Jonas, Cameron Boyce and more. It’s safe to say, these superstars have certainly come a long way since their high school days.

Scroll through our gallery for a full breakdown of what your favorite stars were like when they were in school.

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