Instagram influencers have become a big part of mainstream culture rather fast. In case you didn’t know, they’re basically people with, well, a lot of followers, that make money off the social media networking app by posting a picture that promotes a product. Sometimes they even get paid to travel around the world and share it with their fans. Not too shabby! Almost everyone aspires to be one, TBH. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make tons of money just from posting a pic on Instagram, or get to go on a ton of free trips, right? And a lot of celebrities even participate — have you ever noticed one of your idols sharing their favorite tea, hair product, or phone case?

Yeah, they’re most-likely making money off of those posts. We’ve always wondered how much Instagram Influencers actually make. And now, Hopper HQ has shared their annual “Instagram Rich List,” which they compiled by reaching out to reps and referencing publicly-available information about celebrity Instagram rates — and the results are unreal. It turns out, some stars can make $1 million per Instagram post. We kid you not! Scroll through our gallery to see how much money your favorite celebrities make per sponsored Instagram post, and prepare to be shocked (and a little jealous).


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