A family Halloween! Celebrities have taken their kids trick or treating over the years in the cutest costumes.

Shay Mitchell, for one, dressed her daughter, Atlas, as a burrito (or boo-rito) in October 2019, just after the now-toddler was born. The Pretty Little Liars alum, for her part, dressed as a Chipotle employee and held her daughter tight.

“[Atlas] was born in October, so we just had her first Halloween. I dressed her up as a little burrito, but what was great was my mom coming over with all my old baby clothes. She even had my Christmas dress from when I was an infant,” Shay gushed to Vogue in November 2019. “To take the traditions that I’ve always had and now be able to extend them onto my own family is a blessing.”

Since Atlas was born, the actress has been sharing tons of adorable photos on social media. Shay has even gushed about becoming mom in various interviews.

“It’s a constant reminder to myself that I’m doing the best that I can, everything is great and that she looks at me like I’m Superwoman,” she told In the Know in February 2020. “I’m always thinking about how something could impact her as she gets older. Having that really close-knit group of friends and people in my community to be able to fall back on and have a conversation with around whatever I’m thinking about makes it so much better and so much easier to be like, ‘I’m not the only person feeling this way.’ That’s all it is. It’s all about reassurance.”

Former R5 member Rydel Lynch had some fun with husband Capron Funk while celebrating their son Super‘s first Halloween in 2021. Their first costume was, as expected, dressing the baby as Superman.

“Obviously, this had to be Super’s first Halloween costume,” she wrote on Instagram. “Lois Lane & Clark Kent had a baby.”

Becoming a hero wasn’t Super’s only Halloween look. The musician also dressed her son up as an adorable cowboy.

“There’s a new sheriff in town,” Rydel wrote on social media. “I can’t handle this cuteness!!!!”

Over the years, tons of celebs have taken to Instagram with sweet family photos on Halloween. Scroll through our gallery to see some adorable photos of stars dressing up with their kids!

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