Prom season is upon us! Whether or not you're actually attending the big dance this year, it's a hot topic of conversation. Who's wearing what? Who's going with whom? Who pulled off an amazing promposal? As such a hallmark experience in high school — at least, in every teen movie ever — it's no wonder that celebrities want to go to prom too. A bunch of your favorite stars experienced this rite of passage, even when they were already famous.

Despite their celebrity status, they went to prom with people who are totally normal and not in the entertainment industry. (We know, we know. Stars are regular people too. But living the life of a famous celebrity isn't typical.)

Whether they hit up the event with their childhood pals, then-boyfriends, or fans, starlets like Demi Lovato, Ariel Winter, and Olivia Holt attended prom with teens who go to regular high schools and aren't in the industry. The Sonny With a Chance actress even went to the dance with her childhood friend because of a promise she made in kindergarten. How cute!

Click through the gallery to see celebrities who went to prom with normal people.

This story was originally published on April 20, 2016.


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