These celebs aren’t holding anything back!

Now that the weather is getting hot, hot, hot, your favorite stars can’t help but think back on some of their most shocking summer experiences. From daring outdoor adventures to surprise kisses to nerve-wracking first dates, these sizzling stories are the ones they’ll never forget. Keep reading to find out why!

Ethan Dolan went skinny-dipping in a river.

It’s no secret that the Dolan Twins like adventure — just look at their Instagram accounts! They’re always up to something fun. But one summer day, Ethan admits that he did something that surprised even Grayson. "I swam in the river…naked!” he reveals.

And while Ethan was all for it, Grayson says that’s not really his type of thing. “I haven’t swam nude in a public place before,” he laughs.

But it turns out Ethan was glad he did it. “I felt like a frog,” he says. “It was amazing.” And that’s not the only crazy thing Ethan’s done during the summer. “I rode my dirt bike down the street once naked, too,” he spills. Ha!

Olivia Holt met her boyfriend at a BBQ.

Love was in the air for Olivia Holt a couple of summers ago in 2015, when she was introduced to her now-boyfriend, Ray Kearin.

“We actually met through some mutual friends at a BBQ,” she tells J-14. “I’m so crazy about him — it’s kind of hard not to talk about him. I’m just really content and happy with my life right now. I’m on cloud nine!”

And things are going great so far for the couple. “Our relationship is something I want to hold on to for a long time,” she shares.

Dove Cameron was kissed in the park.

When it comes to the juiciest summer stories, Dove Cameron has a shocking one from a few years ago to share! The punch line? Her crush tricked her into kissing him — but the way he did it was actually really sweet!

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"I remember that he took me to a park, and we sat under this tree and watched the sunset together,” Dove explains. “I think he could tell that I was nervous, because he did that thing where he asked me to kiss him on the cheek.

Then, when I leaned in to kiss his cheek, he turned his head really fast and kissed me, since he knew I was too shy to just kiss him.” Talk about making a really bold move!

Sabrina Carpenter had her first date in the summer, playing mini-golf.

First dates can be really stressful — just ask Sabrina Carpenter! “I was so nervous when I was about to go out on my first date,” she explains to J-14. “I was just hoping I didn’t look like an idiot, which I probably did.”

But even though Sabrina had a lot of butterflies leading up to her date, she tells us that it’s an experience she’ll never forget.

“For my first date, we ended up going mini golfing!” she exclusively opens up. “I think that was probably the best place you could go out on a first date because it’s an activity, it’s outside and you can also talk during it. I think it ended up being a good way to get to know someone.”

Austin Mahone asked out a girl at the beach.

Have you ever seen a cutie at the pool or beach that you wanted to meet, but were scared to say hello? Well, believe it or not, Austin Mahone’s been in your shoes before! Even though he was hesitant to say hi, he decided to anyway — and it paid off big time!

“I remember one summer, I was at the beach, and I noticed this girl,” Austin tells J-14. “I saw she had a dog, so I went up to her and used that as an excuse to talk to her.”

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Once they started chatting, Austin said he felt like he’d known her forever. “I ended up asking her if she wanted to hang out for the rest of the day, and then we spent the whole day together,” he smiles.

Asher Angel's vacation gave him the most memorable summer ever.

Do you and your family take vacations together during the summer once school’s out? Andi Mack’s Asher Angel tells us that his does all the time. So which has been his favorite so far? “Probably the one where we went to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico!” he tells J-14.

“I had the most memorable summer ever there because my entire family — including my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins — went together. We ended up going on a Catamaran cruise, snorkeling sightseeing, and even sang karaoke!” Wow, that sounds like fun!

Interview by J-14 Editors and story by Morgan McMurrin. "Juicy Summer Secrets" originally appeared in the July 2017 issue of J-14.

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