We all know that things get pretty intense on Riverdale. We mean, between the murders, the fighting and the gangs, the CW series always leaves us on the edge of our seat with its constant twists and turns — and we’re obsessed! Well guys, it turns out that behind-the-scenes, things get pretty dangerous too.

How do we know this, you ask? Well, Charles Melton just stopped by Buzzfeed to promote his new movie, The Sun Is Also a Star, where he spilled some hilarious stories from making Riverdale. The actor revealed that while he was filming a fight scene for Season 2 with his costar Cole Sprouse, the two actually got so into it that they got injured!

“We were getting pretty into this fight scene and Cole kneed me in the n-ts, but we kept on going,” he explained. “And in the next take, I accidentally kneed him in the n-ts.”

Ouch! But despite being in immense pain, the two kept on filming.

“We were still committed to the scene,” the 28-year-old continued.

Wow, talk about dedication. Honestly, we’re so glad they’re both OK! During the interview, Charles also shared who his dream guest star for Riverdale is, and um, we need this to happen ASAP.

Andrew Garfield,” he suggested. “I heard he loves the show.”

Yes, please. As for which of his characters he feels like he’s most like IRL, the cutie admitted he thinks he’s similar to Daniel from The Sun Is Also a Star.

“I’m more like Daniel,” he said. “He’s a hopeless romantic. You know, Reggie’s got a sensitive side to him, but I’m more like Daniel.”

Aww, how cute? As fans know, Charles is currently dating his Riverdale costar Camila Mendes, and their relationship is, like, the cutest thing ever. Wow, find us a man like him.

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